Title Animation
The design professionals of yU+co, working with emerging student artists from SCAD Hong Kong, created a title animation for the 2016 COB that was inspired by the Buddhist mandala. This Hollywood | Shanghai | Hong Kong-based media company is a leader in its field, offering a diverse portfolio of services for the commercial and non-profit sectors. In addition to their work on title sequences for films and television programs, including on Ang Lee’s award-winning Life of Pi and AMC’s The Walking Dead, yU+co’s designers regularly develop projects for public spaces such as the large-scale projection mapping of Los Angeles’ City Hall for the city’s New Year’s Eve celebration and the immersive 3-D experience for the Getty’s recent exhibition on the Buddhist cave art of Dunhuang.

“Sound Mandalas”
Californian sound artist Inouk Demers composed a soundtrack for the 2016 COB title animation that was inspired by the desert landscape of western China’s Dunhuang region.

At selected Los Angeles screenings during the COB, Demers created “sound mandalas” from the filmmaker Q&As in real time that were played back after the Q&As as both aural codas to and sound memories of the COB programs.

Demers is a sound artist, media artist and composer. His work has been shown and broadcast in Europe, North America and Asia, presented at international music and film festivals, exhibited, and commercially recorded. His recent work explores overlaps of fiction and reality arising within complex social phenomena such as water policy, communications networks, suburban environments, and algorithmic trading. His latest projects have included a soundtrack for NUOC 2030, the first-ever Vietnamese science fiction film, set against the backdrop of rising ocean levels, and a five-month, 24/7 outdoor motion-activated sound installation at Pasadena City Hall designed for Freewaves and Side Street Projects.

Sound Mandala from screening of Behemoth on Oct. 18, 2016

Sound Mandala from screening of Ata and Journey to the West on Oct. 23, 2016

Sound Mandala from screening of A Simple Goodbye on Oct. 23, 2016

Sound Mandala from screening of Saving Mes Aynak and A Deer of Nine Colors on Nov. 9, 2016