Seeding cross-cultural dialogue through the art of the moving image

The 2016 China Onscreen Biennial (COB) is the 3rd edition of this multi-city showcase of Chinese film and media arts highlighting the multiplicity of voices, both emerging and established, that has made China arguably the world’s most dynamic film and media environment today.  

Curated by film scholars and curators from the COB’s Presenting Partner organizations in Los Angeles, Washington, DC, and New York City, this year’s COB program reveals a China of remarkable diversity.  The collaborative structure of the COB draws together seemingly disparate fields – academia and the business world, art and entertainment – bringing high-quality cinematic art and dialogue to major urban centers on both coasts. For three weeks, people from a wide variety of personal and professional backgrounds can come together at the COB to celebrate the finest of contemporary and classic Chinese cinema and join discussions with filmmakers, media critics, and scholars.

First launched in 2012 as an initiative of the UCLA Confucius Institute, the China Onscreen Biennial also highlights the many historic and contemporary connections between California and China while also providing a platform for honest educational and cultural engagement between artists and audiences on both sides of the Pacific. 

2014 COB Program  

2012 COB Program 

“And beyond the US media drumbeat of China as simply one homogeneous economic growth machine, the COB offers a refreshing multiplicity of voices—sometimes in sync, sometimes discordant, but always vital and individual.”
Cheng-Sim Lim, COB Chief Curator
2016 COB Curatorial Committee


Robert Chi – UCLA
Rachel Cooper – Asia Society
Jonathan Hall – Pomona College
Cheng-Sim Lim – Chief Curator
Paul Malcolm – UCLA Film & Television Archive
Bérénice Reynaud – Film at REDCAT
Tom Vick – Freer and Sackler Galleries of the Smithsonian Institution
2016 China Onscreen Biennial Advisory Board


Terence Chang
Joan Chen
Actress / Filmmaker
Robert Chi
Assoc. Professor, UCLA
Myung Hee Cho
Set and Costume Designer / UCLA Professor
Peter Loehr
CEO, Legendary East
Bérénice Reynaud
Film Festival Consultant, CalArts Faculty
Barbara Robinson
Independent Consultant
Robert Rosen
Dean Emeritus, UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television
Lisa See
Peter Sellars
Theater Director / UCLA Distinguished Professor
Sun Shaoyi
Professor, NYU Shanghai / Shanghai Theater Academy
T’ang Shu Shuen
Writer / Filmmaker
Erik Siao
Independent Consultant
Sanjay Sood
UCLA Associate Professor / Faculty Director, MEMES
Michael J. Werner
Chairman, Fortissimo Films
Janet Yang
President, Janet Yang Productions
Cheng-Sim Lim
Chief Curator


Anne Bray
Visual Arts Curatorial Advisor


Eleonora Granata Jenkinson
Marketing Consultant


Julia Grimes
Visual Arts Curatorial Advisor


Melanie Ouyang Lum
Visual Arts Curatorial Advisor


Bérénice Reynaud
Fim Curatorial Advisor


Xiaojie Ma
Project Manager


Amelia Sargent
Communication Coordinator


Zhang Yi
Chief Visual Designer


Susan Pertel-Jain
Executive Producer
The COB is grateful for the curatorial partnership of:


Julie Gumpert – Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
Randy Haberkamp – Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
Peggy Parsons – National Gallery of Art
Boon Hui Tan – Asia Society
Special thanks to:
Tina Ackerman, National Library of Norway
Neville Agnew
Livia Bloom
Julia Carnahan
Gu Changwei
Peter Hao Chen
Todd Cheney
Bede Cheng
Li Cheuk-to
Karen Cheung
Yalin Chi
Gao Dayu
Martha Deamus
Inouk Demers
Candy Fung
Diane Gu
Carol Hahn
Jule Hartung
Jonathan Hung
Zhao Jing
Rachel Kahn
Chow Keung
Laurel Kishi
John Kong
Ryan Krivoshey
Carmen Lai
Zhang Lan
Stephanie Lee
Anne-Sophie Lehec
Richard Liang
Ying Liang
Kong Lihong
Robert Lundberg
Nancy McDonald
Sun Ning
Marcia Reed
Rachel Rosado
Li Shanshan
Eugene Suen
Alexandra Sun
Miriam Sun
Boon Hui Tan
Luna Teng
Frederick Tsui
Phoenix Wang
Tian Wei
Lori Wong
Jenny Man Wu
Tony Yin
Jeff Yip
Jennifer Yip
Degena Yun
Anna Zagorski
Selin Zhou
Tao Zi